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Who is behind strangetown studio?:

I'm a full time professional photographer (specialising in "people") and occasional photography tutor with over 35 years' experience in the industry. I have just begun a new series of photography workshops and training events through "Strangetown Shoots" and have previously taught at Solihull College and Stratford-upon-Avon College. I have a First Class BA(Hons) in Photography and an MA in Fine Art.

Although I've had various studios in Birmingham, I've loved the Telsen building since I started rehearsing here with my band (called, spookily, Telsen) in 2015 and thanks to my photographer friend, who is also based in the building, I was occasionally able to use the many wonderful corridors and stairwells for shoots and workshops. So when I decided to move my business, Telsen seemed like the obvious choice.

And why "strangetown"? From the song "Strange Town" by The Jam. 

David Rann


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Want to know more? Contact us here:

Strangetown Studio, Unit 319, Telsen Building,

55 Thomas Street, Aston, Birmingham B6 4TN

Parking: There is free on-street parking in both streets that the Telsen building stands on the corner of as well as on the sliproad down from "Matalan Island". Let us know if you're bringing any heavy props or equipment and we'll meet you at the door to help you unload before you park.

Getting In: Go to the main entrance on the corner of Thomas Street. If arriving during normal "office hours" (whatever they are), you may find that the outer door is already open and then it's simply a matter of pressing buzzer number 319 and we'll let you in. At other times, please call or text on the number we give you on confirmation of your booking and again, we'll come and let you in.

What3words: hands.cliff.stump

Accessibility: There are 3 lifts in the building which can be used to get to us on the 3rd floor. However, these are sometimes switched off in the evening and weekends. Please check in advance if lifts are required.

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