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Photography training by qualified full-time industry professionals  

Specialist photography training courses and workshops...

Here are our forthcoming training events. Please get in touch for availability and payment information.


Monday 9th March 7-10pm

Venue: Strangetown Studio

A one-off mostly-practical introduction to studio flash using various lighting modifiers and techniques. A real model (or models) will be used to demonstrate principles so bring along your camera to learn-as-you-shoot.

Topics covered include:

  • Buying lighting and modifiers

  • The one-light studio

  • Metering/exposure

  • Inverse square law

  • Key light first.

  • “High Key” versus “Low Key”

  • Supplementary equipment (reflectors, triggers etc)

Aim: Confidently use electronic studio flash, whether in an established studio or setting up you own.

Price: £45

Maximum Group Size: 5




Wednesday 25th March 7-10pm

Venue: Strangetown Studio

Bring along your own laptop or just watch and make notes as I take you through the most useful Photoshop functions. This one-off workshop is suitable for beginners and ideally you’ll have a recent version of Photoshop pre-installed. Please contact me before booking to clarify which PS version you’re using or for tips on buying PS for the first time. Bring your own photos to work on or I will supply samples for you to play with.

Aim: Take your first steps in using the industry standard photo-editing suite on your own images in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Price: £40

Maximum Group Size: 6




Sunday 26th April 10am-1:30pm

Venue: Strangetown Studio

Historically this has been an extremely successful workshop. Learn about the technical, creative, lighting, posing, gender and psychological considerations involved when photographing people. Unsurprisingly, this is a partly practical workshop using real models so bring your camera.

Aim: Understand what makes a good portrait and how to produce one.

Price: £55

Maximum Group Size: 6

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Look Who's Teaching!

We may have just begun listing training events here on this website but studio owner and Tutor David Rann has been teaching photography at all levels since 2004 via Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Midlands Arts Centre, Stratford-upon-Avon College, Solihull College and his own FOTO-CLUB and Fotofilia training facilities. In one year alone, David taught over 1000 students.

More recently, at the beginning of 2018, David closed FOTO-CLUB and ceased all photography training but began running a few successful individual workshops for former members of FOTO-CLUB. He returned to teaching at the Botanical Gardens in late 2019 to cover for their tutor (who had sadly been forced to take a break due to ill health) and students expressed an interest in further training once their courses had ended. This was the final spur to set up a few "open access" training events in addition to those run for former club members. 

Strangetown Studio is one of the workshop venues used by...