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And Getting Into The Studio

So you need a cool creative space for your photographic adventures and you've read the "Terms" page. What now?

Simples. Until the online diary system (see yellow button on the right) is fully set up, please email us with the dates/times you have in mind via the the contact form on the home page or email us at Once a booking is agreed you will need to pay IN FULL to secure your booking. Failure to do so within 24 hours may mean that your slot will be offered to someone else.

Parking: There is free on-street parking in both streets that the Telsen building stands on the corner of. Let us know if you're bringing any heavy props or equipment and we'll meet you at the door to help you unload before you park.

Getting In: Go to the main entrance on the corner of Thomas Street. If arriving during normal "office hours" (whatever they are), you may find that the outer door is already open and then it's simply a matter of pressing buzzer number 319 and we'll let you in. At other times, please call or text on the number we give you on confirmation of your booking and again, we'll come and let you in.

How do I book? Where do I park? How do I get in? And that kinda stuff...

Strangetown Studio is one of the workshop venues used by...

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